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Why S.A.V.E. Detroit?


With a passion for improving the lives of Detroit's citizens, S.A.V.E. Detroit was born in 2012 with Founder John Williams at its helm determined to make every day count by tackling “One Person, One Issue and One Situation" passionately! The mission is clear - revitalize the city that we love and call home through delivering support where it’s needed most.


John recalls the power of possibilities from his childhood growing up in Detroit. Now, with S.A.V.E. Detroit, he is determined to share that same strength and potential with today's youth; introducing them to activities that will empower them with opportunities rather than deterring them down a path of crime or struggle - all part of an effort to bring life back into this beloved city. 


S.A.V.E. Detroit is pushing for meaningful change in our city, and we need passionate individuals to join us on the mission of creating a brighter future! Together as one community, let's bring life back into our beloved neighborhoods - living every day with hope that it will lead towards an even better tomorrow! 


President & Founder

John Williams is a true leader; he founded S.A.V.E Detroit with the mission to take direct action against violence everywhere, and inspiring others in his hometown of Detroit too! His ambition goes beyond just creating safer communities – John seeks long-term solutions through education on respect and leadership so that individuals affected by violence can benefit from improved responses for years into the future. It's time more people followed in this remarkable man’s footsteps - let us learn from him how we too can positively change lives with our own passion and compassion!

John's story is a shining example of how individuals can defy the odds and flourish. He was born in Detroit but refused to let his circumstances define him- succeeding as an exceptional basketball player for Kettering High School and throughout the city. As he attended college at Ferris State University, he came to recognize his presence's impact on those close to him and back home in Detroit - inspiring others despite any obstacles standing before them. John witnessed the devastating effects of violence first-hand when he saved his friend from a heinous crime, only to find out that same night he had been gunned down. This tragedy inspired John to lead S.A.V.E. Detroit, which has since created a charitable organization and changed countless lives for the better. With ambitious tenacity, John is tackling one challenge after another to help restore a sense of safety and security that has been missing from our community for too long.

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Touching One Person, One Issue, and One Situation at a time! 
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